The menu of Cantina Follie

The main dishes that you can taste with us in the cellar


Tagliere dell' Amicizia
Mixed platter of Cheeses and cured meats
Tagliere dell'amicizia "Bottiglia"   € 14,00 p/p
(for 1 person)    
Tagliere dell'amicizia "Magnum"   € 13,50 p/p
(for 2 persons)    
Taglieredell'amicizia "Jeroboam"   € 13,00 p/p
(for 3 persons)    
Tagliere dell'amicizia "Mathusalem"   € 12,50 p/p
(for 4 persons)    
Supplemento/ Extra:    
Honey and 2 jams   € 2,50 p/p
Pickles   € 2,50 p/p
Prcini mushrooms in olive oil   € 2,50 p/p
Cheese platters
Served with honey and jams
Platter with 7 cheeses   € 14,00
Taleggio Vaccino Caprino Piattone Parmigiano    
Platter with local cheeses   € 13,50
Aziende Agricole: Zanotta, San Martino, Bellagio, Dong    
Platter with cheeses from Valtellina Valley   € 13,50
Casera Bitto Piattone San Tumas Caprino stag.    
Parmigiano Reggiano   € 8,50
Mountain quality aged over 36 months    
Insalata Caprese (tomato Mozzarella salad)   € 9,50
Vegan platter    ( humus, nuts, figs, pickles, porcini) € 9,00.
Cover charge- Bread   € 1,50

In our cellar
salami tagleiri and not only ...

Our appreciated
Friendship platters excellent to share.


Platters of cured meats
Platter with 7 different types of sliced cuts € 14,00
Bresaola (air dried beef) with porcini- Parmesan € 13,00
Raw ham from Parma aged over 24 months € 14,00
Lard served with toasted bread and honey € 10,00
Speck (smoked bacon) aged over 10 months € 12,50
Carpaccio of Black Angus with apple-Parmigiano € 14,00
Foie Gras with toasted bread figs-walnuts € 20,00
Thick slice of pizza Margherita € 5,00
Dessert of the day € 6,00
Cover charge- Bread € 1,50

Come and visit us in Cantina Follie

Dear customers of Cantina Follie,
we invite you to visit us even in this 'different' period.
We have done our utmost to welcome you in safety and serenity and we have arranged the tables and chairs in such a way as to allow everyone to keep the social distance. By following these few new rules, we will all be able to live great moments of leisure!

Thanks Joost and Deborah.

Address: Via Pietro Lingeri, 16 (Ex via Volta)
Tremezzina 22016 (CO) Italia

Phone: +39 0344 42311  -  +39 347 0923954