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Sapori di Montagna

Cantina Follie offers you a wide choice of products from the 'Sapori di Montagna' company, an artisan company initially specialized in the mushroom sector, with dried porcini mushrooms, in oil and mushroom cream, but now also with many other high quality products. Quality with true and genuine flavors of the past. A variety of different particular sauces: Game based sauces: roe deer, wild boar hare, deer. Savory sauces from Valtellina: bresaola and sassella, chanterelles and speck, porcini and bresaola 'Delicate sauces from Valtellina: wild nettle. The 'jams' made with real fruit and only sugar without the addition of dyes or preservatives. Orcio jars with gastronomic specialties: capers, heart of artichokes, Borettane onions with balsamic vinegar, Taggiasca olives, great vegetable appetizer etc. The entire production chain is controlled personally by the spouses Rossi, the owners of the company.

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Typical Products

Grappe, Liquers and spirits

Cantina Follie offers you a rich range of grappa, liqueurs and spirits from the Schenatti company, distillers since 3 generations, the company is located in Tirano (SO) in Lombardy.
Among the classic grappas we find Grappa Valtellina, Aged Grappa, Lombard aromatic Grappa, Nebbiolo Grappa Sforzato di Valtellina aged in barriques.

As a special product you can also find:
Limoncello , liqueur based on grappa and Mirtilli,  licorice , green apple, and
wild strawberry liqueur
In Cantina Follie you will have the opportunity to taste all these artisanal and genuine products.

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In the back of an inn located in Mondovì, a small laboratory of fresh pasta and artisan pastry was born in 1919.
In less than 5 years, the small tavern was transformed into a craft workshop with an area of approximately 200 m2 and a daily production of approximately 100 kg. The war unfortunately slows down the development of numerous activities and around 1940 also this innovative reality spends a period of stall. The real commercial renaissance took place after 1945, when Michelis promptly responded to the reconstruction of Italy, creating a distribution network in the Monregalese area and in some neighboring countries.
In 1962 the continuously developing business passed into the hands of Mr. Michelis' son. Egidio, always showing interest in the sector and following his father's business philosophy, founded on the search for product quality, wastes no time and activates a store in Loano in the province of Savona.
It is in 1974 that the market requires new products from the company. Alongside the traditional meliga pastries and pies, cakes (with hazelnut, almond, walnut, chestnut) are added, made according to ancient recipes. The "Michelis confectionery" was born. And it is immediately center

The increase in demand, due to the continuity and quality of the service, combined with the new health and hygiene regulations, led in 1993 to the decision to build a new factory.
The new, large fresh pasta laboratory, one of the first in Italy to obtain certification from CSQA on the traceability of raw materials (UNI 11020: 02), presents major technological innovations inside. Egidio anticipates future market needs and invests in ultra-modern protective atmosphere packaging lines. The goal of further increasing the hygienic quality of the product, promoting its preservation, and, consequently, widening the territorial boundaries of customers, is centered without distorting the high artisan quality of the products.


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Michelis Products first of all: quality

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